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Lowekey Lab aims to empower high school students with coding and entrepreneurship skills and enhance their interests in technology. Their mission is to connect the best ideas, talent and resources across sectors to empower the next generation of entrepreneurs, app developers, engineers and innovators

ReWired Fest has teamed up with Lowekey Lab to host a High School pitch competition in which students are given the opportunity to pitch their tech or mobile-app concepts to a panel of judges. Tech and app ideas can cater to the needs of any industry/sector or add value to any current business area. The selection process will consist of an online application, video submission and a round of interviews. These reviewers will narrow down applicants to the top 3 finalists. Teams can consist of up to 4 team members.

A total of 3 finalists will be selected to present their live pitch session during ReWired Fest. One grand prize winner will be selected. All finalists will be rewarded a $1,000 cash prize.  The grand prize winning team will win the opportunity to have their concept incubated by Lowekey Lab and a $2,000 grand prize. Winners will be selected by a panel of diverse and accomplished national entrepreneurs and judged on the same criteria as their online applications.

Competition Rules

The deadline for pitch video submission is Friday, September 30th, 11:59 pm EST.

All students applying must meet the following guidelines:


  • Be currently enrolled in a High School grade 9-12th as of 2022
  • Willing and able to travel to the ReWired Fest 2022 and be in person ( all travel will be at the expense of participant)
  • Have a parents consent to participate
  • Have an original app concept
  • Provide a clear and comprehensive description of your concept via the application process and video submission

Video Pitch Notes

Give your idea a title

Explain in a brief way how your concept works

Tell who likely users/audience will be

Tell the story of someone who could be using your app

Describe, in as much detail as you can, what you need to build, technically evaluate, or prototype your idea to get to the next stage


Interested in volunteering at the ReWired Fest this fall? Do you live in the Fayetteville area? We’d love for you to be a part of our Volunteer Team this October! Please complete the form and we will be in touch with next steps.

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