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Welcome to ReWired Fest 2022. We are so excited to have your talent as a further showcase in what the festival has to offer. Below you will find important information about how to make the best out of your participation and partnership. We look forward to seeing what you bring to ReWired Fest.

Next Steps

Step 1

Provide a preferred email for Eventival

Please provide a preferred email that you’d like to use for your Eventival Account. This is where everything you’ll need for the festival will be located. You will upload your talent assets, find your schedule, and more

Click Here

Step 2

Sign Into Eventival with the Email Provided

  1. CLICK HERE to setup an account (we will also send you an email to create your account)
  2. Click “Create new account”
  3. Fill out your name, email (use email from step 1) and create a password. Click create.
  4. You will see the message asking you to verify your email.
  5. Find the email sent to you and click “Verify Email”.
  6. When the new browser window opens enter your email address & the password you just created & click “Log me in”

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Step 3

Fill out forms in Eventival

  1. Upload Marketing assets (headshot and bio) due ASAP
  2. Fill out Guest travel details/your travel details due September 2.
  3. Fill out Talent badges and intake forms due September 16. These forms are available in your personal Eventival “Visitor Page”. 

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out.

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Social Media Promotion

1 feed and story post announcing involvement in Rewired Fest on (DATE) date of press release

2 feed and story posts from September 9 – October 19 – more posts are encouraged to drive attendance

2 feed and story posts during the festival weekend or to wrap up post after the weekend

1 video less than 60 seconds announcing involvement in the ReWired Fest. Will work with ReWired Marketing Team when ready to self-film for talking points. Will be sent to ReWired Marketing team

Availability for ReWired Press Team to book interview opportunities

Social Media Script

“Hi, my name is [Talent Name]. I am so excited to be a part of the ReWired Fest this year in Fayetville, October 20-21! The ReWired Fest is a platform. I can’t wait to see you at the festival this year.”


Onboarding August September October
  • Log into Eventival Visitor Page
  • Bookmark Sponsor Reference Folder
  • Submit High-Res and Web Friendly Logos
  • Submit form for all email contacts to be included in newsletters and updates
August 29
  • Badge and Registration Form due
  • Any additional marketing assets due
September 5
  • Special Event invites sent out
October 3
  • Any additional forms due
October 7
  • RSVP to Special Events due
October 19-20
  • Registration Check In
  • Badge Pickup
  • Thursday - show ready by 5:00PM

Festival Contacts


Stephanie Henderson

Drew Maxwell


Carese Bartlett

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